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Day 4 Reid & Soanya Encounter the Navy

Wind SE 8.5 knots, Course 225, Speed 3knots Position: 38°.52, 68°.31, April 25, 2007 11:30 am

We were just buzzed by a low and very slow flying Navy plane. When he came back again and buzzed us even closer, I cut the VHF radio on to channel 16. He called us sailboat Anne. We couldn't imagine how he could read our little name under the stern. He told us they were conducting firing tests and to go on a course of 225°. We agreed to do that and found that course took us southwest, back to land. He buzzed us again, gave us coordinates 25 miles away and told us we could resume our course there. We were off course when they contacted us anyway because the wind was shifting. Now with the wind out of the SE, we have to go NE to fall back on a course that would take us across the Atlantic. So our voyage begins with some aimless wandering. I thought we were out in the Atlantic free to roam where the winds will take us. Now we are wondering if the Navy will buzz us again. I wonder if that accounts for why we didn't see any ships yesterday or last night.


Live Fire Test by the Navy

The Course Out of the Live Fire Test by the Navy