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A Voyage of the Heart

The Sea Turtle was my first drawing on a chart of a course that I sailed. Looking at the map, there is a big difference in the course I drew and the course I sailed.

We ended up making the body smaller and left off the back legs. It was still a sea turtle and the multifaceted message also still apparent. During the ensuing years, I searched for the right drawing that I could sail that would be symbolic of the "1000 Days Non-stop at Sea" voyage. I realized that with our new satellite tracking system, the course we sailed would have to be accurate and that perhaps people from all over the world will be watching. It would be a big commitment to follow through and make it work. I often wanted to give up the idea. It would be much easier not to commit to such exactness and simply wander with the winds and currents.

In the past, I spoke of how the "Odyssey of the Sea Turtle" was more than just the largest art created, but how it actually created a process of healing in those who looked at it because it carried them on a train of thought that put them in touch with ancient wisdom. I sang in my song, Oceanic Annihilation, of how it was my responsibility to take care of each wave until it reaches the shore (and I was looking for a woman) who would help me live that metaphor.

In that way, it became a voyage of the heart, but could I really do it? A heart on the sea, but where would it be? Again the South Atlantic offered its empty spaces and I followed its winds and currents around in their eternal counter clockwise direction. I wondered how big and where would we start and finish and could we really hold our course and not have the ocean overwhelm us? The passion in my heart felt big and I had to take a chance, so I pulled out my chart and drew the heart. Our ability to succeed or make the most of it will be our ability to love and take the responsibility of nurturing nature. I traced the heart around a second time so it really showed up and my intent was straightforward.

As Soanya and I post the heart on our website, we are committed to a beautiful, yet awesome voyage. When we arrive at the equator, the south equatorial currents and trade winds will force us towards the coast of Brazil and there we will pick up the route of the heart and try to follow it. After we've tried our best to sail the heart course, we will fall in line with the great wandering albatross and venture into the Southern Ocean.