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Press Releases

Press Release - 2010 - 17 May - thirty days to go

Press Release - 2010 - 28 Mar - three months to go

Press Release - 2010 - 16 Jan - 1000 days at sea

Press Release - 2009 - 09 Oct - 900 days at sea

Press Release - 2009 - 20 Aug - 850 days at sea

Press Release - 2009 - 01 July- 800 days at sea

Press Release - 2009-23 Mar - 700 days at sea

Press Release - 2008-12 Dec - 600 days at sea

Press Release - 2008-06 Aug - 500 days at sea

Press Release - 2008-04 April - One year mark

Press Release - 2008-02 Feb - Soanya leaves the voyage

Press Release - 2007-11 Nov - 200 days at sea

Press Release - 2007-05 May - Collision at sea

Press Release - 2007-04 April - Launch

Press Release - 2006-06 June - Delayed Departure


Electronic Press Links

Reid Stowe Speaks About His 1,152-Day Odyssey At Sea
Huffington Post – 9/23/2010
...Reid Stowe should be a household name... The last guy that did this got his boat put in a French museum; the guy before him got knighted by the Queen of England...

The Man who Fell to Shore
NY Magazine – 9/19/2010
...while the world economy crashed, and Barack Obama ran for and won the U.S. presidency, and Spitzer resigned, and Sully landed, and Jon and Kate split, and Haiti crumbled, and Avatar opened, and Apple unveiled the iPad to the waiting world, Reid Stowe floated alone. 

1120 days at sea and still sailing 
sail-world.com – 5/14/2010
...spare a thought for another solo sailor who's been sailing for 1,120 days, and still going... 

Sea you in three years sailor
The Sun – 4/23/2010
ADVENTURER Reid Stowe has broken all known sailing records – spending an incredible three years at Sea.

Comprehending Reid Stowe: Early Voyages & The Moitessier Factor
Boats.com - 4/20/2010 - Charles Doane
...unlike most sailors who now play the record-breaking game, Reid's motivations and methods are, shall we say, not entirely linear. To understand the enigma that is Reid--a man who inspires some, infuriates a few, and leaves many others simply baffled--it helps to know something of his origins as an ocean sailor...

.. Award from The Earth Society Foundation
Ode Magazine – 4/1/2010
The Peace Bell Ceremony took place at the UN Rose Garden on March 20th at 1:32pm EST, the exact moment of the Equinox. The ringing of the Peace Bell was followed by an awards reception.

REID STOWE: Longest Voyage in History (Undisputed!)
www.boats.com - 3/16/2010 - Charles Doane
The record might be broken as of today (according to his harshest detractors), or it may actually be broken less than two weeks from now on Saturday March 27 (according to my own calculations), but either way Reid Stowe is now (or soon will be) the unequivocal record-holde

At Sea – A Thousand Days
New Yorker Magazine – 2/15/2010
One moment he was serenely simmering rice and lentils atop a gas stove, and the next he was hurtling across the kitchen.

Mars Ocean Odyssey update: Day 1047 at sea
Explorersweb – 3/1/2010
Reid Stowe is out on the Oceans for 1047 days without touching land. With his computers not working anymore Reid is only able to send sporadic short message

Sailor spends 1000 days at sea
Gadling.com – 1/16/2010
After all those months at sea, what's another six?

ExplorersWeb Week in Review Jan 15, 2010
Explorersweb – 1/15/2010
Will astronauts be able to communicate without censorship? How about religious statements or discussing social and environmental issues or their ideas about political propaganda?

Un viaje a Marte por mar con romance y un bebé
Marca.com – 1/18/2010
“Mil días en alta mar” no suena mal como título de película y quizá no tardemos mucho en verla en cines de todo el mundo, con George Clooney o similar en el papel de Reid Stowe, y Salma Hayek, Penélope Cruz o alguna estrella de Bollywood fichada ex profeso en el papel Soanya Ahmad …

Solo at sea for New Year's Eve - Who's Who
Sail-world.com – 12/30/2009
Along with the hundreds of cruising sailors who will spend New Year's Eve on their sailing boats, and welcome in 2010 either at anchor or making passage, there are a number of solo sailors, far from land, doing their thing the way they know best.

Reid Stowe’s 1,000-Day Sail to Inner Peace
Cruising World Magazine – 10/9/2009
Far out?  With regard to both the person he is and the strange, epic voyage hi’s in the midst of, no sailor has ever been farther out then Reid Stowe.

Us Sailor Reid Stowe Reaches 600 Of A Planned 1000 Straight Days at Sea
ScubaWeb - Italy - 12/12/08
"A voyage of love", personal endurance and ecology: Sailor Reid Stowe approaches Day 600 of his "1000 Days Non-Stop At Sea Ocean Odyssey". ...

Letters: Endurance Sailing, Eating Our Words
Weekend America - Saint Paul,MN,USA - 10/25/08
And finally, we got a tsunami of emails from you on our story "Listening in on the Schooner Anne," about Reid Stowe's attempt to stay at sea for 1000 days ...

Nautical by nature
Time Out New York - New York,NY,USA - 9/4/08
This happens roughly 500 days after artist-adventurer Reid Stowe left the same harbor in custom schooner Anne, for a voyage–art project he calls 1000 Days ...

... 500 Days at Sea 
Mounteverest - New York,NY,USA - 8/20/08
ExWeb met with Reid Stowe while he was docked in New York over a period of several years. Rugged evenings were spent by the ship's stove, on a sunny day ...

Woman who quit 1000-day sea voyage gives birth
Foster's Daily Democrat - Dover,NH,USA - 8/4/08
Dad Reid Stowe still has more than 500 days left to sail on his yacht. He writes on his blog that "they are not the first woman and child to wait for their ...

Woman who quit 1000-day sea voyage gives birth
Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
Dad Reid Stowe still has more than 500 days left on his yacht. He writes on his blog that "they are not the first woman and child to wait for their man to ...
[Article missing from website]

Woman gives birth to baby conceived at sea
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - 7/30/08
Soanya Ahmad, 24, told the Daily News she only suspected she might be pregnant when she ditched boyfriend Reid Stowe and his schooner near Australia in ...

Woman Gives Birth to Baby Conceived at Sea
FOXNews - USA - 7/31/08
Soanya Ahmad and her boyfriend Reid Stowe were in the middle of a 1000 day ocean voyage, but the 24-year-old couldn’t shake what she initially thought was ...

Checking In on 1000 Days at Sea
New York Times Blogs - New York,NY,USA - 7/3/08
When we first covered them exactly a year ago, Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad were sailing off the coast of West Africa on Day 71 of their voyage. ...

Vikings Land; Rubber Ducks Do Not
New York Times Blogs - New York,NY,USA - 4/15/07
One hundred and fifteen days into their voyage, Captain Reid Stowe and his wife, Soanya Ahmad, are in the South Atlantic.

Epic solo sea journey only one-third over
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - 4/21/08
It's been 365 days and more than 15000 lonely miles since Reid Stowe raised anchor in New York harbor. Exactly a year after he set off on a ...

One year at sea!
The Jersey Journal - Jersey City,NJ,USA - 4/21/08
Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad set off from Hoboken on April 21, 2007. The intention was to simulate the amount of time it would take for a manned mission to ...

Today in History 
KXMB CBS12 - Bismarck,ND,USA - 4/21/08
Professional sailor Reid Stowe and his girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad, set off from from North Hoboken, New Jersey, on a 1000-day, nonstop globe-girdling cruise. ...

Seasick woman quits 1000-day sea voyage; boyfriend continues
Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
Ahmad and Reid Stowe left from Hoboken, NJ, on April 21, 2007, on a 70-foot schooner. Their aim: to sail around the world for 1000 straight days without ...
[Article missing on website]
Woman quits voyage
Gulf Daily News - Manama,Bahrain
Ahmad and Reid Stowe left from Hoboken, New Jersey, on April 21, 2007. Their aim: to sail around the world for 1000 straight days without touching land, ... 
[Article missing on website]

NYer Abandons Ship, Boyfriend on 1000 Day Journey
Gothamist - NY,USA - 3/2/08
soanya_ahmad.jpgSoanya Ahmad, the 24-year-old woman who embarked last spring on a sailing journey that would last 1,000 days without making landfall, is back in New York City. 

Novice sailor's 1000-day record bid cut short - by seasickness
Guardian - UK - 3/3/08
The 24-year-old set out with her boyfriend, Reid Stowe, 56, last April intending to sail around the world for 1000 days without touching land. ... 
Seasick woman quits 1000-day sea voyage
7Online.com - New York,NY,USA
She left the 70-foot yacht off the coast of Australia late last month. Ahmad and Reid Stowe left from Hoboken, New Jersey, on April 21, 2007. 
[Article missing on website]

Girlfriend's ship comes in; boyfriend's still sailin
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - 3/8/08
Stuck on a tiny schooner, desperately seasick and living off a diet of sprouts and dried fish, Soanya Ahmad had only one person to keep her company  ...

Seasick woman quits 1000-day sea voyage; boyfriend continues
LocalNews8.com - Idaho Falls,ID,USA
Ahmad and Reid Stowe left from Hoboken, New Jersey last April. Their aim was to sail around the world for 1000 straight days without touching land, ...
[Article missing on website]

Seasickness ends 1000-day sail
Practical Boat Owner Magazine - Poole,England,UK - 2/27/08
25-year-old novice sailor, Soanya Ahmad, joined skipper, 56-year-old Reid Stowe at New York in April 2007. They were attempting to sail without visiting ...

Latest 'Lectronic
'Lectronic Latitude - Sausalito,CA,USA - 2/22/08
When Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad left Hoboken, New Jersey, on April 21, 2007, their plan was to sail Stowe's 70-ft schooner Anne out of sight of land for ...

Sailing record halted after year at sea
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia - 2/22/08
Ms Ahmad set off on the 1000-day voyage with 56-year-old American adventurer Reid Stowe on April 21 last year aboard his 21-metre gaff-rigged schooner, ...
Perth yacht club to rescue sick sailor
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia - 2/22/08
Reid Stowe, 56, and Soanya Ahmad, 25, began a 1000-day voyage from New Jersey in the United States on April 21 last year, aiming to set a number of records ...

Seasickness sidelines round-the-world sailor
Earthtimes - London,UK - 2/22/08
Ahmad, 25, was aboard the 21-metre Anne for 306 days and is leaving behind owner Reid Stowe. The 56-year-old fellow American will continue on alone in a bid ...
One-half of amateur sailing duo gets seasick and jumps ship from ...
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - 2/22/08
Soanya Ahmad, who had never been aboard a boat before meeting shipmate and boyfriend Reid Stowe five years ago, was due to bail out at 2 am, only 306 days ...

Nearly 300 days into voyage, round-the-world sailors still full of resolve
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - 2/10/08
Reid Stowe and his shipmate - and only companion - Soanya Ahmad haven't seen sight of land. The pair set sail from New York Harbor in April, ...

1000 Days at Sea
The Star-Ledger - Newark,NJ,USA - 1/15/08
Reid Stowe and crew Soanya Ahmad are embarked on an unusual adventure--sailing the world's oceans for 1000 days out of sight of land. ...

Day 263 at sea... it really blows!
NJ Blog - New Jersey,USA - 1/10/08
Hey, it's been awhile since we checked in with Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad, the couple who set out from Hoboken in April aboard the Schooner Anne with the ...

Ho Ho Hoboken!
NJ Blog - New Jersey,USA - 12/24/07
Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad are now in the Southern Ocean (several hundred miles south/southwest of South Africa), heading east via the "Roaring Forties" ...

Where are Reid and Soanya?
NJ Blog - New Jersey,USA - 12/12/07
In April, Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad set out from Hoboken on an epic journey - a 1000-day sail aboard a schooner without stopping in any port or ...

One Small Step Toward a Mars Landing ... at Sea
Wired News - USA - 9/12/07
By Eliza Strickland 09.12.07 | 2:00 AM If NASA one day fulfills the dream of sending a manned expedition to Mars, Reid Stowe will have plenty of advice for ...

Sailing odyssey marks 100 days
New York Daily News - New York,NY,USA - 7/29/07
Reid Stowe and his first - and only - mate Soanya Ahmad have spent at sea without even a glimpse of land. The pair set sail from New York Harbor in April ...

ExplorersWeb Week in Review
K2climb.net - NY,USA - 7/15/07
Mars Ocean Odyssey: From lofty thoughts to gritty works With 1000 days of seafaring, Reid Stowe has found there is a time to ponder the great deeps and wide ...
Quixotic Sailors Love New York Harbor
Gothamist - NY,USA - 7/8/07
In April, Reid Stowe and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad sailed out of New York Harbor in an attempt to voyage on the seas for 1000 consecutive days without ...

Surveying the High Seas via the Web
New York Times - United States - 7/23/07
"By now it doesn't matter how many days," Captain Reid Stowe wrote on his blog. "One day merges into the next, wave into wave, cloud into cloud, twilight, ...

Couple set sail for 1000 days
Greensboro News Record - Greensboro,NC,USA
Reid Stowe has set sail again. This time he's intent on doing what Christopher Columbus, Hernando de Soto , Amerigo Vespucci, Ferdinand Magellan and other ...
[Article missing from website]
ExplorersWeb Week in Review
K2climb.net - NY,USA - 4/28/07
On the Oceans, Reid Stowe departed on his Shooner “Anne” decided not to step on land for 1000 days in order to simulate a mission to Mars. ...
Opening Day on the Bay
'Lectronic Latitude - Sausalito,CA,USA - 4/21/07
By now you've undoubtedly heard of Reid Stowe, the 55 year-old artist who left Hoboken, New Jersey, on April 21 aboard the 70-ft schooner Anne on a 1000-day ...

New York couple Set Sail for 1000 Days
All Headline News - USA
Reid Stowe, 55, and his girlfriend Soanya Ahmad began their trip on a 70-foot schooner nicknamed "Schooner Anne" from North Hobokon
[Article missing from website]

Pair take to high seas for 1000-day voyage
Columbus Dispatch - Columbus,OH,USA - 4/22/07
Reid Stowe, 55, and girlfriend Soanya Ahmad, 23, intend to circle the globe three times without stopping. "Our ability to control our minds will allow us to ...

US couple set out on sailing trip; say they’ll be back in 2010
Khaleej Times - Dubai,United Arab Emirates - 
Ask Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad, and they’ll say they hope to be pulling into harbor for the first time in almost three years at the end of a marathon ...
[Article missing from website]

US couple sets sail for 1000-day, nonstop cruise around world
International Herald Tribune - France - 4/21/07
Reid Stowe, 55, and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad set sail Saturday afternoon aboard his 70-foot (21-meter), two-masted schooner, ...

NY Couple Plans 1000-Day Sailing Trip
FOX News - USA - 4/21/07
April 20: Reid Stowe, left, and Soanya Ahmad stand aboard their 70 foot gaff-rigged Schooner Anne in Hoboken, New Jersey. April 20: Reid Stowe, left, ...

Couple takes to sea for next three years
United Press International - USA
Reid Stowe and his girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad, launched their ship Saturday and set sail on a 1000-day journey that could allow the couple to set the record ...
[Article missing from website]

NYC couple sets sail on 1000-day cruise
China Daily - China - 4/23/07
But not New Yorkers Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad. He's a veteran of long-distance sailing voyages in all kinds of weather. She's never sailed outside the ...
US couple set out on sailing trip; say they'll be back in 2010
Turkish Press - Plymouth,MI,USA - 4/22/07
Ask most people what they'll be doing on January 15, 2010 and they probably won't be able to say for sure...

US couple set out on sailing trip
The News - International - Pakistan
Ask Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad, and they will say they hope to be pulling into harbour for the first time in almost three years at the end of a marathon ...
[Article missing from website]

Couple embark on 1000-day sea voyage
Mangalorean.com - Mangalore,India - 4/23/07
After years of meticulous preparation, Reid Stowe, 55, and his 23-year-old girlfriend Soanya Ahmad left the Shipyard Marina in New Jersey aboard their ...

NY Duo Sets Sail on 1000-Day Cruise
Glens Falls Post-Star - Glens Falls, NY,USA
On Saturday, 55-year-old Reid Stowe and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Soanya Ahmad, are embarking on a sea voyage that is to last 1000 days and nights _ ...
[Article missing from website]

World News Briefs
Long Beach Press-Telegram - Long Beach, CA,USA
But together, 55-year-old Reid Stowe and his 23-year-old girlfriend Soanya Ahmad embarked Saturday on a voyage they intend to take them three times around ...
[Article missing from website]

Fantastic voyage Couple sets sail for three-year tour of the ...
Hudson Reporter - Hoboken, NJ, USA
But for Reid Stowe, conquering either is a similar journey. He calls the voyage he will undertake in the next three years the "Mars Ocean Odyssey" because ...
[Article missing from website]

Sailor Plans Record 1000-Day Voyage
LiveScience.com - New York, NY,USA - 4/6/07
Captain Reid Stowe confirmed his plan to sail continuously for 1000 days starting later this month in an attempt to set a new world record. ...

ExplorersWeb Week in Review
K2climb.net - NY,USA - 4/15/07
On the Oceans, American Reid Stowe is getting ready to sail 1000 days without outside contact. On the Atlantic, rower Bhavik fights to keep his small boat ...

Sailor plans to embark on near impossible 1000-day voyage
Malaysia Sun - Malaysia - 4/7/07
Captain Reid Stowe and his mate Soanya Ahmad have planned their voyage aboard the specially constructed 60-ton, 70-foot Schooner Anne, during which time ...

SAILING THEY WILL GO 1000 days, no stopping
The Jersey Journal - Jersey City, NJ, USA
Hoboken may be a destination city in New Jersey, but for Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad, it's the starting point for a long adventure. ...
[Article missing from website]

LAUNCH and 1000 Days

E-Ticket: Long Day's Journey to Nowhere

ESPN - USA - 1/27/06
Why would anyone want to be alone at sea for 1,000 days with no land in sight? E-ticket finds the ultimate adventurer.

1,000-day 'space mission' will sail the sea
msnbc / Technology & Science / Tariq Malik - USA 12/30/05
An extended voyage being likened to long-term space travel is about to set sail right here on planet Earth. Two sailors are preparing to shove off in a custom-built ship from a New York City pier...

On the Waterfront, at Least for Now; Hudson River Park Threatens Some Home-Grown Free Spirits

New York Times / New York and Region - USA 8/8/02
To many New Yorkers, the city waterfront is still -- as John Krevy, one wharf business owner, put it -- ''Marlon Brando, crime, corruption and...

VOWS: An Update; Life's Big Richochet: From Wedding to Marriage
New York Times / Style - USA 5/27/01
WHEN Reid Stowe and Laurence Guillem married, I wasn't sure they would survive their honeymoon -- literally. They planned to leave one week after the wedding to spend 200 days at sea, sailing a small handmade boat in the South Atlantic...

THE BOATING REPORT; Voyage of the Turtle Is Just a Prelude
New York Times / Sports - USA 1/16/00
William Shakespeare said that all the world's a stage, and Reid Stowe took him at his word. On a glorious day last week, Stowe sat in the sun-baked pilothouse of his 70-foot schooner, Anne, and took in the glistening Hudson River from the peace of his Manhattan berth.

WEDDINGS: VOWS; Laurence Guillen and Reid Stowe
New York Times / Style - USA 6/6/99
EVER since Reid Stowe's teen-age summers on the North Carolina coast, he has spent almost more time at sea than on land. At 19, he sailed around the South Pacific for a year in a tiny wooden sloop...

YACHT RACING; Sailor Calls 1,000Day Voyage an Adventure
New York Times / Sports - USA 3/28/99
Seldom does the allure of sailing come with a more outlandish vision than the trip planned by Reid Stowe, an artist and boat-builder living aboard a schooner off 23d Street in New York City....

Tracing a Slow Circle Around the Globe
New York Times / New York and Region - USA 8/30/98
In an age when speed is king, Reid Stowe's plan to spend 1,000 days sailing around the globe might seem odd, especially since the trip can be accomplished in a tenth of that time...

In one of history's more audacious acts of voyaging, Reid Stowe is preparing to hoist... 
Outside online/ Tim Zimmermann - USA 10/98
Even in a port of call as exuberantly eccentric as the New York waterfront, Pier 63 on Manhattan's West Side stands out as an oddity... 

Around the world in a Thousand Days

University of Miami - USA 4/02
In the 30 years since he exchanged his surfboard for a sailboat, Reid Stowe, sailor and adventurer, has logged countless hours negotiating some of the world's most treacherous waters. Having just completed a 194-day sea safari with his wife, Stowe shares the most harrowing experiences from their travels across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to Antarctica...