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Day 34 Flying Two Sails Again

May 25, 2007

Nineteen days after our collision we finally get two sails flying. Luckily, we are out in the middle of the ocean. It gives us more room to drift with the elements while we make our still incomplete repairs to the rigging. Finally after hazy, heavy overcast and storms shifting the wind around the clock we have a fine day and it really lifts the spirits; that and getting a second sail up brings us closer to a sense of normalcy. I put our spare handmade staysail on while out newer Doyle sail was protecting the tear in the foresail during stormy weather. The newer staysail can now be used as a jib until I recut our Doyle hank-on jib. The main gaff is still being secured in its place on top of the mainsail. I'm trying to explain this as simply as possible because few people understand the "art" of rigging and sailing a traditional gaff-rigged schooner on the high seas. It's really interesting how these masts, rigging, and sails can propel a little ship to the furthest places in the world.

In this photo, the upper left is the staysail. It's sheeted tight to the center of the boat. This balances us better downwind. The foresail behind is out all the way until it lays on the rigging. That's because we want to go as downwind as possible. The wind is out of the WNW and we want to go ESE. We are forced to go a little north of east, but that's the best we can do for the moment. Who knows when or what direction the wind will shift allowing us other choices. We are still trying to believe weather reports, but most of them are wrong. We have to get the mainsail going again if we want to go against the wind. The jib will also help with that and give us better balance for everything except dead downwind sailing. Thank goodness Soanya is a whiz with our technical demands, I've got to get back to work now.