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Reid Stowe returned to Terra Firma on Thur June 17 2010 - 1152 days at sea

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012
Jan. 25, 2012

We asked the locals how many sailboats have been here before us that they can remember and they answered, “one boat. One boat.” That’s incredible in this day and age with sailors sailing everywhere. But this place is hard to get to as I described earlier.

The wooden boatbuilding tradition is going strong here and that is one reason we came here, besides the fact that Soanya has family nearby and we wanted to go to a wild place. The people have been very nice and we have shared many dinners with them.

Yesterday, after breakfast, Darshen threw a temper tantrum when we wouldn’t take him to shore. Clearly he needed some time to play off the boat, because he was getting restless and needed action all the time (action that centered around him). We found he could go to the local nursery school which was a short distance away. We have to walk through jungle mud part of the way. Soanya wears rubber boots like the locals do on rainy days and I carry Darshen barefooted.

Every day we work on the schooner, mostly cleaning and organizing. Soon we will get to work on the more difficult jobs like grinding, fiberglassing, and painting the hull, pulling out the masts and rebuilding the bulwarks around the rail of the schooner. We made it all the way down here with a broken rudder so we will continue on as is with our steering ropes until we can afford to haul out and fix the rudder.

Everybody who reads this and wants to understand that this is the Marathon Beyond All Marathons should look right on the front page of our website under the “daily log section.” We sailed for longer on the sea than any other humans. With very little help we are still going forward and still exploring a jungle river where the locals say they’ve seen only one sailboat before us in recent memory. We are still carrying the flame of curiosity forward and this is for all of humanity. As the bible says “ a people without vision perish.”

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