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Day 12 Patching the Sails

May 2, 2007 - Day 12
Wind WSW 20-40 knots, Course 120, 37°.11, 59°.05, Speed 4-9.5 knots, Temp. 73°F

The day began calm with a nice sunny breeze. Reid decided to work on patching the sail that he accidentally tore while putting a reef (tying the sail shorter) in during one of the previous storms.

He figured since he had to patch the sail, he might as well do it Reid style and cut the shape of the patch into a heart, this being the theme for the first quarter of the 1000 days voyage. In order to get the mainsail in the right position for the repair, he has to lower the sail all the way, unfurl it, and get inside the big canvas tunnel to the spot that needs attention. This is better done on a calm day when the sail won't flap too much and the sun can dry the glue. He got the job done and was moving on to other tasks around the boat when the wind began to pick up.

"Soon we were at maximum speed, hitting eight to nine and a half knots. Soanya and I sat on the table behind the steering wheel as if we were side saddle on a horse galloping across the wild countryside. Soon there were white breaking seas and constant dancing rainbows beside us. As the wind blew harder, more foamed-spray made bigger waves and more constant rainbows. One spun the foam into a whirlwind rainbow and took a three dimensional shape that danced beside the schooner as she charged full speed ahead. I debated about trying to slow us down, but it was too magical."
-- Reid

"The sun reflected off the ocean behind so strongly that I could scarcely gaze upon the white shimmering liquid. It was a raucous ride on the cockpit table. I gripped the edge so I wouldn't go sliding off in a hurry. I had just washed my hair, but I gladly allowed it to become salt encrusted yet again. The roaring wind, the white-topped crashing sapphire and the almost steady rainbow portside made me feel exuberant and I grinned ear to ear."