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New Electrical Panel

Soanya checks the newly installed instrument panel for battery voltages.

Rand, our electrician, has just built a panel that houses our main electrical meters. These meters are very important to measure both how much charge our gel-cell batteries still have in them and how much amperage are the generators producing. Every day, we turn the little black switches to see which batteries need charging and which ones we can use for the day. When a batteries need charging, we can choose to put them either on to solar power if it’s a nice sunny day or we can decide which of our four generators, depending on our speed and weather conditions, we would like to use to charge the low batteries. Our charging system has a lot of redundancies in it because it’s the electricity that powers our navigation, communication, and tracking unit. If one part breaks down, we have to have something else that will do the same job. We know it does work, with the exception of a few glitches that will soon be resolved, because we have been using only boat power for three full months now and never missed shore power.