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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Sponsors and Contributors - We would like to express our gratitude for your superior products, services and funding which are helping to make this voyage a reality. We couldn't do it without you! 


Image Doyle Sailmakers

Doyle Sailmakers reputation for impeccable attention to engineering detail, quality of construction and application of the latest technology to cruising sails, has made Doyle the choice of some of the world's most spectacular yachts. Doyle has successfully integrated old-world craftsmanship with fully computerized design and laser cutting. Doyle has built sails for large yachts from traditional tall ships to America's Cup boats. www.doyleplochsails.com



ImageAxis Global Systems

Axis Global Systems is the transportation logistic company customers turn to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That's because, at any time of day or night, Axis Global is there to help with all of your transportation, warehousing, fulfillment and inventory management needs. www.axisg.com   


Energy/Electrics Sponsors 



Blue Sky Energy is a family-owned and engineered, American industry leader in MPPT solar charge controllers and related green energy product. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controllers are relatively new to the renewable energy industry, and a key piece of the Anne's solar electrical generation system. BLUE SKY's MPPT controllers are different than the traditional PWM charge controllers in that they are more efficient, improving solar panel charge output by as much as 30%. http://www.blueskyenergyinc.com/

 ImageOPTIMA® Batteries

Optima has provided advanced battery power to the fishing, boating and sailing markets. Rough waters and advanced electrical systems place tough demands on a boat, requiring a durable and reliable power source. OPTIMA BlueTop™ batteries were designed with these conditions in mind, offering long-lasting batteries with increased reserve capacity and superior performance throughout many cycles, to sailors with demanding electrical needs. www.optimabatteries.com


Fourwinds has been a boating industry standard alternative energy supplier (wind, water and sun) for over 20 years. Their trawl fitting has powered the Schooner Anne for 15 years, and their products have long been a favorite of the skipper for their durability. Thanks to Paul Mancuzzo, for making Fourwinds move again, reliably and faithfully, as always! www.fourwinds-ii.com

ImageEco-Tech Alternators

Eco-Tech have the unique features of extremely high output and unmatched alternator efficiency. The Schooner Anne is employing their 305-I, the world's premier Permanent Magnet Alternator, to generate high amperage from low RPM "freewheeling"on her propshaft without engine power. Echo has provided us with superior technical support in implementing their alternator in our application through Paul Sailon, of Sailon Electric of NY. http://eco-techalternators.com

ImagePyramid Tech

Pyramid Tech offers a wide variety of specially engineered products for the marine industry. From boarding ladders and custom castings to state-of-the-art HID and LED lighting. Our range of products is designed to add value while reducing costs and saving energy. www.PyramidTech.com


Bensaco has provided a Boatsafe forced air cabin heating unit. With no sparks that could ignite combustible vapors, the expedition has safe electric heat for cold weather. http://www.boatsafeheaters.com


ImageEvright Trophies

Evright has been manufacturing and supplying trophies, plaques, medals and personalised giftware around Australia for over 35 years, and around the world through this online trophy store for over 5 years... We have produced for events such as the ASP World Surfing Championships, the V8 Supercars, Bathurst 24 hour motor race and the Le Mans "Race of a Thousand Years". www.evright.com


Food Sponsors 


ImageKadouri International Foods, Inc.

Kadouri International Foods owned by the Kadouri Family offers the finest quality dried fruits, nuts, spices, beans, grains, and other specialty foods and has been located on the Lower East Side since 1972. www.kadourifoods.com


Cipriani - world famous for their quality foods has donated 100 cases of food to the 1000Days Voyage. Healthy, quality food will be an important factor in the safety and well being of the crew and will help ensure a successful voyage. Thank you Cipriani! www.cipriani.com

ImageConsorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano-Reggiano

Consorzio Del Formaggio has donated 250 pounds of Parmigiano Reggiano® cheese. This amazingly nutritious 100% natural cheese has been produced in a small carefully controlled production district in north central Italy for more that 800 years. Hundreds of years ago it was a staple on sailing ships navigating the Atlantic routes because it was aged (24 months) and held up very well on long sea voyages. Today it can also be found in outer space as a part of the official diet of the International Space Station where it is eaten to provide needed calcium and other nutrients. Parmigiano Reggiano is a cheese that has sustained explorers for centuries. www.parmigiano-reggiano.it

ImageMeyenberg Goat Milk Products

Meyenberg has established itself as the premier global manufacturer of goat milk products. With farms and facilities producing 18 million pounds of goat milk annually, and lines of distribution stretching around the world, Meyenberg has grown from a medicinally focused, niche-market company, to one whose products possess widespread appeal for an ever-expanding group of consumers. www.meyenberg.com

ImageMcCann's Oatmeal

McCann has long been a favorite with American consumers. The story goes that in the mid-1800's an American sailing vessel arrived in the port of Drogheda, on the east coast of Ireland, with a cargo for Mr. McCann. The ship's captain requested an exchange cargo for ballast on the return journey. All that Mr. McCann could offer was oatmeal. The captain accepted and brought his cargo back home to the US. This maritime link was the start of a flourishing trade and we hope that McCann's Oatmeal will help power Reid and his crew in their round the world adventure! www.McCanns.ie

ImageCoffee Bean International

Coffe Bean International is proud to provide it's flagship brand of coffee, Panache®, for the 1000 Days Voyage. As one of the United State’s leading specialty coffee roasters, we celebrate the spirit of the voyage every day with fine coffees grown in remote regions from across the seas and around the world. As in the days of sail, we hope that a steaming mug of great Panache coffee will lift the spirits of Captain Stowe, and help keep him alert during the long watches of his remarkable expedition. www.coffeebeanintl.com

ImageSan Remo Pasta

We'd like to express our heart-felt thanks to Rosie! www.san-remo.com.au


Doctor Krackers

Doctor Krackers is an artisan bakery and our mission is to bake good-for-you-food that tastes great. Our flatbreads and Snacker Krackers are 100 percent natural and USDA certified organic. We are redefining crackers and flatbreads by baking with whole grains and whole seeds without added fats, trans fats or oils. http://www.drkracker.com

American Vintage Wine Biscuits

American Vintage wine biscuits are gourmet cracker-snacks made with wine.  The perfect cracker to serve when entertaining or giving as a unique gift to the "gourmet" in your life. American Vintage Wine Biscuits gourmet cracker snacks. Made with wine, serve with everything. The perfect accompaniment to appetizers, cheese, dips, cocktails, salads, or serve alone like nuts or chips. http://americanvintage.com/

Peanut Butter & Co

Peanut Butter & Co has donated 15 cases of hand-made peanut butter. www.ilovepeanutbutter.com

Grandpa Po's

Grandpa Po's Nutra Nuts, the crunchy organic popcorn snack with soybeans come in three addictive flavors; Slightly Unsalted, Slightly Spicy and Slightly Sweet with organic honey. A fun, healthy snack for those on the go... literally! www.nutranuts.com

Sahadi Foods

Sahadi Fine Foods is an importer, manufacturer, and distributor of over 2,000 items. We produce a complete line of specialty foods at our plant and warehouse and distribute quality products from all over the world. www.sahadifinefoods.com


Boat Sponsors


ImageE Paint Company

E Paint Company donated 15 gallons E Paint SN-1 antifouling paint to keep Reid and the Schooner Anne sailing smooth for 1000 days. E Paint SN-1 is single component copper-free bottom paint. E Paints control biofouling by the combination of patented photoactive technology with an environmentally preferred booster biocide. Reid and the Schooner Anne will be proving that you can choose to be environmentally responsible without sacrificing performance! www.epaint.net

ImageThe Nida-core Corporation

Nida-core Corporation has supplied its high strength, low weight, cost effective core material NIDA-CORE Structural honeycomb for the rebuilding of the water tanks onboard the Schooner Anne. Its high impact resistance, virtually zero water absorption, high dimensional thermal stability, sound and thermal insulation makes it the perfect material for this application. www.nida-core.com

ImageAndek Corporation

Andek Corporation, a world leader in high performance coatings and sealants, is very proud to sponsor Captain Reid Stowe's Mars Ocean Odyssey. Andek has supplied Polaroof RAC, a high strength waterproof and corrosion resistant coating, for covering the rigging, pilot house and other key components of the Schooner Anne. This exceptional advanced material will provide long lasting protection from the extreme environmental conditions the expedition encounters. For more information about Andek's unique products, click on: http://www.andek.com/

ImageSmall Yachts

Small Yachts specializes in restoration services, general maintenance and creating fine wooden or wood accented interiors for all types of vessels, in addition we are the exclusive distributor of http://www.fer-a-lite.com brand mortar mix for the repair / construction of Ferro-Mortar boats. Schooner Anne's hull is constructed of Fer-A-Lite and is extreemly strong as a result.  Check out the photo gallery -> SchoonerAnne -> Building the Boat to see Fer-A-Lite being applied in the building process of Schooner Anne.  www.smallyachts.com


ImageBoatLIFE Industries

BoatLIFE Industries provided their calking compound for the Schooner Anne has a new wooden deck! www.boatlife.com

ImageMustang Survival

Mustabg Survival is the leading supplier of life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs) offering superior flotation and hypothermia protection to the most demanding users - from fishermen, sailors and power boaters to the Coast Guard, jet fighter pilots and even NASA astronauts. www.mustangsurvival.com


ImageThe Crosby Group

The Crosby Group, Inc., is your single source for accessories used in the lifting and material handling industry - wire rope clips, hooks, shackles, swivels, sheaves, block and tackle, and other fittings used with chain, wire rope or synthetic slings.  Crosby group provided wood shell blocks for Schooner Anne standing rigging.  http://www.thecrosbygroup.com


Harken is a manufacturer of high quality marine hardware. They've provided the 1000 Days team with discount pricing for the roller furling jib and the power winch. http://www.harken.com/

New England Ropes, Inc.

New England Ropes Inc, is the leading manufacturer of premium quality rope, totally dedicated to providing the most technically advanced products designed to meet the needs of the discriminating customer. http://www.neropes.com/

Hypervent Marine

Hypervent Marine has donated special spun polymer liners which Schooner Anne uses to make airspace between mattress and deck. This promotes air circulation to prevent the common problem of moisture in marine bunks. http://www.hyperventmarine.com

White Hill Restoration

White Hill Restoration provided materials and welding services to rebuild Bow Sprit and Stern Pulpit. Thanks Mustafa! This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Devoe Paints

Devo paint donated epoxy for the boat that is making the deck look SWEET! You have to see it. 800 524 3799 -- 225 Metro Center Blvd Warwick RI 02886 www.devoepaint.com

Capital Fishing Tackle Company

This tackle shop has all manner of jig, lure, weight, and popper. They have graciously donated deep ocean fishing gear for Reid’s adventure. 212-929-6132 – 218 W 23rd St, NY, NY 10011

The Manila Cordage Company

Manila Cordage Company has donated a bunch of manila rope to support both the 1000 Days Voyage. Manila rope such as this has been employed on sailing vessels just like the Schooner Anne for hundreds of years! www.manilacordage.com

Global Plastics Services

Global Plastics Services of St. Stephen, Canada, provided three custom made Plexiglas domes custom manufactured for the Schooner Anne. Thank you Roy Haight, for having brought the innovative company Global Plastics aboard for the adventure! 1-877-433-4568 / http://www.globalplastics.ca


Communications Sponsors



AVdrive is an agency partner with the insight and agility to shift effortlessly between broadcast media, Web, and IT projects. Your message will be compelling no matter which medium you use to deliver it. www.avdrive.com


ImageGood News Corporation

GoodNewBroadcast is a 501-C3 Corporation with a mission to find, receive, create and broadcast to the world, life-affirming, thought-provoking news, entertainment and events; content that is non-violent, non-sectarian, non-political. We elicit the positive side of news from the World's public, media and journalists in order to generate compelling domestic and international stories. http://www.goodnewsbroadcast.com



DNA Marketing Services is a company that prides itself on saving clients money by managing the principles and practices of advertising and marketing.  With an extensive background in the field of marketing, DNA principles specialize in managing the supply side as well as the advertiser side to insure optimal results for all parties. DNA focuses on Procurement, Cost Avoidance, Savings and ultimately Efficiency.  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


ImageMETOCEAN Data Systems Limited

Metocean Data Systems develops and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition and telemetry systems for severe environments. METOCEAN's modular electronic designs allow customers to adapt the data acquisition and processing systems to their own unique requirements. METOCEAN has contributed the hardware and the data transmission costs for this mission. www.metocean.com

ImageGreat! Software Inc.

Great! Software Inc is proud to sponser Reid and the 1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea Expedition Team in this history making voyage through cash contributions and on-going website support. Please check out our new software for Home Feng Shui analysis! www.great-feng-shui.com


Original Card Company

Original Card Company takes pride in being the top printer of promotional pieces in Manhattan and Los Angeles for over 10 years. www.originalcards.com


UUPlus is the 1000days vendor of email services and software for email, pictures and tiny movies transmission via the Iridium satellite network.  UPlus software is specifically designed for Internet email and file transfer over slow and/or error prone connections such as mobile satellite phones, cellular phones, HF modems, poor quality or expensive long distance land lines, and over services such as Mobile Packet Data Service and BGAN. www.uuplus.com

Preferred Communications

Preferred Communications is the vendor of Stratos/Iridium service minutes that enable 1000days phone conversations and email transmission. Products and services include satellite communications (voice, fax and data), automatic vehicle location systems, auto-navigation systems, global positioning system devices and business long distance services through several different providers. Preferred Communications is an authorized dealer for many of the world's leading satellite service providers. www.satstar.com


Individual Sponsors


Individual Contributors

Charlie Doane, Joel Bluestein, John Krevy, Sterling Barrett, Richard Hudson, Fred Sullivan, Joe Barello, Rand Weeks, Jim Benedict, Mike Dougan, Jesse Fradkin, Carter Emmart, Laurence Guillem, Todd Colburn, Donna Stein, Eric Hunter Slater, Paul Beaudin, Paul Sladkus, Riza Manalo, Desmond Shaw, Bruce Rosencranz, Libby Edwards, Krysia Bibro, Rusty Nielson, Dr. David J. Ores Mission Doctor, Dr. Richard Lehrer Dentistry, Dr Carolyn Stern Dentistry, Tim Ivory Desiel Engineering

Anne, Harry Bobby, Keri, Wave, Sara, Mary, Caroline Stowe, Bill and Eunice Doar, Barbara, Bo, Woody Cooper, Jay and John Delaune, Marty Shappard, Ivo Van Laake, James Rice, Mary Harris, Bruce Cardella, Ralph Ashmead, David Wegman, Michael Riccio, Charles (Dominic) Murphy, Anne-France Peidfer, David Birnie, Rene and Eva Saramagnon, Antoine Montisino, Libby Edwards, Andy Mannik, Max Paterson, Dee Maucher, John and Jean Doswell, Steven Blank, Ryan Thompson, Constantine Harrison, Joe Boone, Anne-Brigitte Sirois, Andy Blan, Aniko Erdosi, Dr. Andre Mark, Adam Stoltman, Alejandro Molina, Charlie Lucian, Kristana Texor, Christoph Barthelemy, Chris Parker, Ivo and Aaron, Ed Keough, Heraldo Rivera, Ian Cunningham, John Hersey, Jeff Rutsky, Kevin Kossi, Kamal, Fernando Leon, Laurence Stoller, Louis Morales, Lynn Ramsy, Mitch Donina, Micheal Fisher, Marty Sweeny, Mort Starobin, Mark Appel, Mark Peltier, Mike Evans, Mark Schaffer, Nic Holmes, Phylis and Richard Lehrer, Reza Namazi, Salvador Rossilo, Tomas Banovick, Tim Reed, Tom Cushwa, Teri Corrigan,Krisia Bibro,Eric Gisler,Megan Paznik

Funding Program

Seaman $20-49; Lieutenant $50-99; Captain $100-499; Admiral $500-1000

ANGEL Cheryl Klauss
ADMIRAL Andrew Edlin
CAPTAIN  Tom Watts, Don Smith, Richard Speck, Alan Duras, Niraj Shah, Vadim Krys, Thomas Daigle
LIEUTENANT Graham Ellis, Tim Reed, Abel Shafer, Hilton Hearn, Laura Carillo, Matthew Kweskin, Alan Knoblauch, Linda Ma, William Parker, Matt Conine
SEAMAN Charlotte Kegley, Donna Stein, Hilton Hearn, George Smirikarov, Alexandra Gotea, John Doswell, Paul Wernicke, Ronald Coyne, Paul Fink, Lori Lynne Lee, Thomas Daigle, John Kalpus, Chandler Harben


Historical Sponsors

Contributors from 1970-1989 - Europe and US

Dover Corporation (NYC) - Bernueth Shipping Company (Miami) - Federal Metals (Miami) - Cato Machine Shop (Miami) - Everfair Enterprises Wind generators (Miami) - Microsoft Navigational Discs (Belleview, WA) - LTV (Wainscot, NY)

Ancient Harvest (Torrence, CA) - Arrowhead Mills (Herefort, TX) - Meyenberg Products (Santa Barbara, CA) - White Mountain Farms (CO) - Jaffe Brothers (Valley Center, CA) - FIBAR Health Food (San Francisco, CA) - Glory Bee Foods Inc. (Eugene, OR) - Nichols Garden Nursery (Albany, OR) - Natural Nector (Santa Monica, CA) - Doctor Bronner (Escondido, CA)

Jolly International Marketing Group (Indio, CA) - David Placky Photo Studio (NYC) - Harbor Diesel Fuel Service (NYC) - Boat Life Industries (Old Beth Page, NY) - DeeDee Maucher Design (NYC) - Libby Edwards Editing Services - Ian Cunningham Graphics Studio (NYC) - Max Patterson Contracting (NYC)

International Paint Company (La Havre) - Fluery Michon Sailing Team - Magellan Electronics - Henry Lloyd - Photowatt International - Technical School of Rompsay (La Rochelle) - Chamber of Commerce of La Rochelle - Trefileurope Rigging Cable - Adult Technical School of Rochefort - Mayor of Rochefort - Radio Club of Perigny - Galvatlantique - Stanley Tools - Anne-France Public Relations - David Birnie Public Relations - Jacques Deniset Auto Company

Chocolate Klaus - Biscuits LU - Biscuits of Agen - Specialties of Paul Heunann - Gene Herve - Rea Juices - Biscuits St. Michelle - Salaus-Haus Teas and Herbal Medicines

- Botolo Yachting Apparel - Next Destination - Grand Pavois of La Rochelle - Papetries Hanelin - Fasep - Issard Sabatier 4 Etoiles - Sicomin Epoxy - Le Capri Soilnois - Computer Land - Guy Degrenne - Opinel - Parapluie L`Econone Thiers
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