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Thursday, 03 January 2008

GOOGLE EARTH - load and view 1000days daily sail path

Click on: -> 1000Days.kml <- to launch and load Schooner Anne daily sail path

If not installed: Download Google Earth for PC, Mac or Linux

[1] 1000Days.kml is updated daily at 2pm
[2] When quiting GOOGLE EARTH - DO NOT SAVE "Temporary Places" folder to "My Places" folder - SAY NO. Or old 1000days.kml file will be cached and subsequent loads will display multiple tracks. 
[3] Under the Tools menu in Google earth, you can select the ruler tool, click on the latest position for Anne, then rule out to the coast to find the distance to the coast.
[4] There is a hidden Flight Simulator in Google Earth. After loading, simply go to the starting point (double click Day0 Noon Positions). Press [Ctr][Alt]A and from the pop-up, select "Current location" and hit [Enter]. Good demo video at http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=ilzpsWqdueg


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