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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Thank you everyone for all of your congratulations. I read all of them and it great to see how many people care and are still following our story. Itʼs been busy since our son arrived as any mother of a newborn can attest to, but he is a wonderful healthy baby and both Reid and I are aware of how blessed we truly are. I am in close contact with Reid and he always asks about the baby wanting to know all the details. Having a son is a new experience for him too. There are many reasons why Reid is still out at sea, too complex to describe in a short blog, but I fully support him seeing the 1000 Days through to its completion. While a part of me wishes I could still be out there with him and the mahi-mahi, another part is totally thrilled with having a little baby boy to take care of and watch grow with each passing day. We are both on a journey of a lifetime, physically separated but spiritually united and time doesnʼt mean very much in the large scheme of things. The now is where we both reside and our task is to live it exquisitely, baby, sail sewing and all!




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