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Tuesday, 08 December 2009
LETTER from Jon Sanders to Reid Stowe
(forwarded by Stuart Walton of Royal Perth Yacht Club on 11/23/2009)

Jon Sanders AO OBE CitWA


Western Australia 6009

Royal Perth Yacht Club


Reid Stowe

Schooner Anne


Hi Reid

Just read your interesting emails thanks to Stuart Walton, - GM Royal Perth Yacht club.  You are going well. Indeed you set out to sail 1000 days at sea and seem very likely to do that. (Not long to go).


Soanya Ahmad - a New Yorker and your partner, was with you for the first 306 days. Probably a record for a female to be at sea non stop without reprovisioning, but not alone. (Cannot verify that).


After the Commodore of Royal Perth Yacht Club, the General Manager and myself picked Soanya off your schooner - close to westend Rottnest Island (approx 17nm north West of the Port of Fremantle Western Australia) you have been alone non stop and unassisted. Soon that will be 658 days alone and unassisted. My record! (which is indeed a record)


Soon you will achieve the 1000 days at sea. Your long ambition. Record.

Soon longest period alone at sea, unassisted - more than 658 days. Record.

The WSRC part of ISAIF, normally keep those records.


As you have not paid the initial $2500 you may need to find a sponsor to do that, and perhaps they will pencil it in. (And maybe in due course will ink it in). Never the less, Advise them of all your achievements. It is probable something will fall off a truck and Guinness World Records will publish it. They do not always publish first opportunity and seldom repeat. (Because the book is a annual xmas publication).


I notice the Flag Officers and management of Royal Perth follow closely your progress.


Well done Reid. Good luck mate.



[Ed.  Jon Sanders is the current record holder for the longest time solo at sea.  657 days during which he did a triple circumnavigation from 1986 to 1988.  When Soanya had to leave the boat the shore crew here in New York reached out to Stuart Walton at the Royal Perth Yacht Club and he did not hesitate to assist us.  We're very thankful for his help and the help of the club.  Jon and Stuart went out to meet Reid and Soanya off the coast of Perth and brought Soanya safely to shore some 650 days ago.]

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